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Of The Essence

Postby Melldrew » Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:15 pm

Time. It is of the essence no matter what you are doing. After riding horses and race horses for almost 40 yrs you know a thing or two. Riding here and in U.S.A you have to have a clock in your head. When to move when to hold back, patience and swiftness. You can feel the horse under you, desperate or dying. The horse dictates you respond. Right or wrong distance, right or wrong surface. In behind, upsides, in front also decide.
At the end it is he clock that tells you, right or wrong. Running a horse on the All Weather for the first time can give you an idea of its true distance and going for the turf. In my head I've a method for picking horses by the clock, yet never put it into action. Not talking about Speed Ratings or such.

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