Features Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing

TheBetEngine is equipped with many different criteria to enable you to generate thousands of filter combinations, all of which can be applied to a given race in real-time.

These criteria are grouped into a number of different areas:

Area Description
Events Choose the market types you wish to bet on (win/place).
Filter by race type and race distance.
Ranking Select whether selections are made automatically or entered manually.
Automatic selections can be made on the basis of odds or trap.
Criteria Set min/max odds.
Set min/max runners.
Set liquidity and liability limits.
Set distances between dogs.
Ranges Set odds ranges for individual favs.
Snapshots Filter by steamers and drifters.
Bet Select the bet time and the odds used for the bets placed.
Set BSP options.
Dutch Enable dutch betting and set parameters around book value and ROI.
Results Select the desired method of obtaining the results of the race.
Custom Select and enable custom plugins.

Whilst slightly less extensive than the filters that can be applied to horse racing, the filters available for greyhound racing still enable the generation of thousands of different greyhound racing systems.

TheBetEngine currently supports greyhound racing in the United Kingdom and Australia only.