Features Plugins


The functionality of TheBetEngine can be extended through the use of custom plugins.

There are 5 different types of plugin, all with a different purpose:

Plugin Type Purpose
One-Off Selection Enables selections to be loaded at a specified time. Selections can be downloaded from compatible tipster websites or automatically loaded from file.
Pre-Race Selection Allows selections for the upcoming race to be automatically loaded. Generally used with compatible tipster websites that provide information on a real-time basis.
Race Processing Implements additional functionality for identifying qualifying selections in a race.
Custom Processing Enables the specification of complete custom logic that is applied to each race.
Note - these will be custom build only and are not subject to the normal criteria checks (i.e. criteria checks must be built in to the plugin)!
Post-Selection Filtering Applies additional logic after the initial selections have been identified (for example, the qualifier with the lowest odds)

If you are interested in having a custom plugin developed, then please contact Support who will be happy to give you a quotation.